Today’s Boys will be tomorrows Men !!


This Picture has such a deepness in it …. We nowadays don’t concentrate on our children’s… specially boys … we do have restrictions on girls but when it comes to boys we say ” Ahh he is a boy , he can have this or that ” If its not okay for a girl why not for a boy … why to be so  hypocrite ??? We normally oppose our Religion on Girls but not on Boys . i am not saying we should leave girls as we have left our boys … what i am saying we should have same rules for both … specially when it comes to follow religion . Today’s Boys will be tomorrows Men !!
These boys will lead your future and treating them well will let them be what they should be … A strong man … who will lead us … !!
Before they gets into some disastrous thing and then spend their whole life in remorse and regret !! Their every sentence will start from ” I WISH ”  .
I hope every body got what i meant !!

Before going to bed at night beside telling your children “Tomorrow you have to wake up for school” … tell them “Tomorrow we will wake up for Fajar” :)) !!