People have different inspirations , some change by a tragedy , some by a phase , some by time but i was changed by a book . Its not my favorite book but its one of my favorites . Its name is “Jannat Kay Pathay” by ‘Nemrah Ahmed’ . i wasn’t a saint but that book gave me a hope that could be one . The book’s lead character Haya , i could see myself in her . It was like the book was written for me .
She gave me the power to face and change . It was hard but not that much as i thought it would be . Before i was a rebellious person , the one who doesn’t care about anything . I barely used to offer my prayers . I was a depressed person . Depressed without any reason . After Imam Sahab taught me Quran , I never touched it again . I wanted to become an artist , i used to sing . I was a music freak , who used to keep record of each underground band .
I used to do each and everything that was prohibited by our deen . I had a small in my heart which sometimes tired to wake me up but that never really worked . My heart wasn’t yet fully sealed . Than a friend of mine suggested me this book and I’m obsessed with books , so i can read any kind of book . So i started this book .

As i was reading it … i was changing along with it . By the time i finished it . I wasn’t myself , I was someone a part of me always wanted to become . I was different , happy and serene . I finally found peace in my prayers . I was reading Quran with all my heart . I didn’t bare any kind of hardship as normally girls face when they start doing Niqaab . Even i made it easy for some girls , who wanted to do it but couldn’t dare to do so , And Alhamdulillah i feel blessed for that 🙂


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