Greed is a part of human nature. We cannot deny it. We always want what we don’t have physically, mentally, spiritually. In spite of what we already have, we are never grateful for what we have. We humans always wish what others have. Even when we get it we wish to have more. We always want more and more, after not getting what we want another factor takes place. The factor of “Jealousy”. We start getting jealous of others, of their qualities beside of praising them, we cross our line and do things to ruin their life.

Allah has made us flawless, we just have to realize that. To know how important we are but we are not happy with our features, abilities and social background. Sometimes we just don’t realize that what we call our flaws are actually our individuality, variety and uniqueness. We want what we like in others, besides the fact that we should appreciate it and ought to accept what we have. If someone is successful we should support them not being competitive.

Want satisfaction in your life?

Adore what you have! 90% of your problems will be solved by itself. By making demands of what we don’t deserve, we only make our life hell . Everybody gets what they deserve. We have and will get what we deserve and what is best for us. Stop crying for something that is unworthy. Ungratefulness is a disease and one should not own it at any cost.

Allah has mentioned in Holy Quran
” And he gives you all that you ask him and if you count Allah’s favors you will not be able to number them , Most surely man is unjust , Very Ungrateful ” .


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